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Product Overview

A traditional stand-alone AC main panel with space to grow

Blue Sea Systems traditional metal breaker panels have been installed in boats for years. They have become the standard for reliability and design. A wide variety of breaker styles and ratings make these panels an easy choice for most electrical systems.

This panel is best suited as an AC Main panel with space for DC branch circuits. It comes pre-wired for easy installation with hot, neutral, and safety ground bus bars already installed. An A-Series 30A double pole  main breaker and three 15A A-series breakers are pre-installed for DC branch circuits.Three open positions are ideal for expansion or customization to circuit protection needs. All breakers combine switching and circuit protection functions and are trip-free and cannot be held in the ON position when a fault is detected. A red LED reverse polarity indicator light warns if polarity is switched; a not too uncommon situation at docks. A green LED at all positions indicates switch is ON. Large format labels are backlit for visibility in low or no light conditions. Included are 30 commonly used AC labels and 30 commonly used DC labels.

Key Features

  • Traditional aluminum plate structure will match many pre-existing panels
  • Includes A-Series 30A double pole main breaker
  • Includes three 15A A-series single pole breaker
  • Trip-free feature prevents breaker from being held in ON position when a fault is detected
  •  MIL-C-5541C spec. immersion coating for a lifetime of corrosion resistance
  • Red reverse polarity indicator LED
  • Safety ground screw on panel back
  • LED indicator lights note ON position
  • Includes basic AC and DC label sets
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Positions: 1 AC main, 6 DC
  • Voltage: 65V DC, 120V AC
  • Switch Rating: 30A main, 15A branch
  • Dimensions: 7 1/2"H x 5 1/4"W x 2"D

AC Main Circuit Breaker Panel, Main + 6 Positions

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