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Above / Below DeckBelow Deck
Dimensions5 1/4" Height x 3 3/4" Width
Warranty DetailsLifetime

Product Overview

AC Isolation for combined traditional metal electrical panels

Blue Sea System insulating covers are ideal for protecting or isolating sections of traditional metal breaker panels. ABYC and USCG require that panels with both DC and AC components insulate AC terminals from accidental cross current contact. These Blue Sea Systems covers protect the entire backside of AC sections. Holes can be cut in ABS plastic shell for wire access. These covers can also be used to protect the backside of other sections and components if locker space behind the panel is less than ideal.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Blue Sea System metal electrical panels
  • Strong ABS plastic case
  • Isolate AC components from DC components
  • Adds protection when panel protrudes into lockers
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Dimensions 4026: 5 1/4"H x 3 3/4"W X 3"D
  • Dimensions 4027: 5 1/4"W x 7 1/2"H X 3"D

Panel Back Insulating Covers

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