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Panel Breaker Bezel Mounting Trim

Mounting HardwareCircuit Breaker Panel Mount Adapter
Warranty DetailsLifetime

Product Overview

Dress up 285-Series and 185-Series panel mounted breakers with a bezel

Not only will this soft rubber bezel give your installation a more finished look, it also helps to reduce the sharp edges that catch on clothing and gear. Designed to fit 285 or 185 Series panel mounted circuit breakers, it secures in place without drilling additional holes.

Key Features

  • Softens hard edges of breaker and reduces tendency for clothing and gear to catch on breaker
  • Easily secures using breaker fasteners
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Compatible with 285-Series panel mounted circuit breakers
  • Compatible with 185-Series panel mounted circuit breakers

Panel Breaker Bezel Mounting Trim

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