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Converting panel vans for recreational use has been popular for decades and, in recent years, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter has gained a considerable following.

RRE’s new roof harmonizes perfectly with the Sprinter’s lines and can be installed in any vehicle with wheelbase of at least 5,93 m and fitted with a standard high roof.

Depending on your layout, your camper van will be able to sleep up to five people.

The Sprinter conversion roof comprises a shell of durable reinforced glass fiber lined with plush upholstery for a cozy interior. Despite being a lightweight construction, the unit is solid and robust, offers excellent insulation in all weather as well as soundproofing against road noise.

Thanks to two scissor frames and no less than four gas struts, the roof is quickly raised.

Each roof is fitted with a  2,00 x 1,20 m mattress supported on flexible spring elements. At the rear, the scissors raise the roof by 45 cm (18″) thereby providing plenty of legroom or ample space to put your head on a pillow.

The tent material is flame retardant and fitted with three windows. The windows on the left and at the front are both fitted with mosquito nets and the front window can be opened fully to give you a perfect view. The window on the right is transparent.

The tent material is automatically retracted away from the mechanical components when you close the roof to prevent any damage.


opening: front

Roof type: Sleeper roof

height vehicle roof closed: 105.31 inches

length vehicle: 118.11 inches

lying area: bed with cup springs

thickness upholstery: 2.36 inches

dimension llying area: 78.74 x 51.18 inches

Entry cover: -

locking mechanism: South-Co.

version canvas: standard

scissors Height: 13.78 inches

SCA 252

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